Naturally Naughty

All goes well until the moment my husband has his emergency, no matter where we are, or what we are doing, there is always a moment of inadequate interruption in our daily life. My husband and I are a couple who love fun, sometimes the extreme and wild calls us and we rushed to the challenge, but his male incontinence condition does not inhibits us to fully enjoy outdoor adventures.

Although we do not charge a portable toilet and incontinence products, he manages to sprinkle the divine nature that surrounds us; sorry for it, then I become the anxious watchman not to be caught in the move. That little discomfort, natural of the old age has given us both another reason of complicity, not allowing the condition to stop us in all the craziness we undertake. We are a happy couple that raises the natural beauty of the old age to other levels.

A Recommended Stay

I was stuck on a business trip suddenly and had to attend a week long training in Singapore. My work paid for the entire trip but I had to book everything on my own. I had never visited Singapore hotels so I did some research because I did not want to end up staying in some dumpy hotel.

The Hilton Singapore hotel had great reviews and some of my friends had stayed there in the past. When I arrived to the Hilton I was very pleased with the daily food buffets that they had to offer. When it was time to relax after my meeting I was able to go for a swim and stop in at the lounge to have a couple of drinks. I am very pleased with my stay at the Hilton and I definitely recommend others to visit.